Find The Precious Land Of Peace Within


Feel Happy And Relaxed

Reach Your Peace Of Mind

Be Successful In All Aspects Of Life

Get Healthy Mentally And Physically

Be In Touch With Your Higher Self

Keep Your Energy Level High

Free & Empower Yourself

Why Janine Wolf


Watch the videos and follow the expert advice from anywhere in the world at any time to reach peace of mind without neglecting your work and family obligations.


Follow proven methods to connect with your true self and trough this to get harmonized your whole life in any aspects like, relationship, health and career and more.


Get leading expertise at your fingertips. Janine will be available to answer your questions to support you and help you find the precious land of peace within.

Hi, Namaste, my dear soul

I am Janine and the founder of this “Peace of mind technique”.

It is my calling to help humanity because I have found “peace of mind”! I am committed to sharing it with you and all the ones in need.

My abilities, spiritual wisdom, and life experience are the tools to my secret of sustainable Peace of mind.

You do not need to suffer for years, as I have done. You can get compact methods in my courses to reach your goal in a short time with sustainable results.

During my 20 years of work, I have discovered the roots of the major problems in my clients’ lives. I developed a strategy to help them to heal from the depth. My principal is to go to the roots, even if they are back in childhood or past life, to let go of the blockages that cause significant problems in their lives. Anxiety and depression are a symptom of this blockages and effects the whole life negatively. If we do not go to the roots, it gets worse, and the way out will be challenging to find

Pricing “Peace of Mind” — Advanced program

5 Transformation points

Week 1: Slow down

Week 2: Energetic spiritual cleansing of the soul

Week 3: Purification of mind and body

Week 4: Connect with spirit and discover your life path

Week 5: Maintain your PEACE OF MIND and keep it sustainable

25 Modules, 4 Bonus modules, many pdf’s (ready to download), and videos exclusively for you

Peace of mind — Advanced program


Learn how to reach a sustainable stage of “Peace of Mind”

Most significant benefits of this program:

Getting into a stage of Peace of mind

Being able to stay calm in every situation of life

Clarity about life paths

Being loved and successful

Overall health, free of depression and anxiety

The most precious compact advice step by step to reach Peace from within your heart!


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